Convert EPUB to MOBI

EPUB to MOBI is a free software that can convert the *.epub e-books to *.mobi e-books. It supports batch conversion, you can one time convert many files. This software will automatically extract the original contents of each EPUB file, then analysis, format and convert these files. The conversion process is very fast.

After running the software, press the hotkey "Ctrl + O" to select the *.epub files you want to convert, then press "Cltr + E" to start the conversion, you need to specify an output folder, the resulting *.mobi files will are stored in the output folder.


Here are two software running shots, the first is the default main interface.


Donwload from mirror (Freeware)

Download KindleGen

This freeware need KindleGen from, please download it and put the file "KindleGen.exe" on program folder.

Download KindleGen from

Why you need this?

Currently, several software can convert *.epub files to *.mobi files, such as Amazon's kindlegen, but its command line is inconvenient for non-professionals or beginners,. This program is based on kindlegen, can help the normal users can more easily to complete the file conversion by themselves, moreover it provides more formatting and conerting jobs.

EPUB and MOBI e-Book Format

Both EPUB and MOBI are very popular e-book format. The EPUB is a free open standard, one EPUB file internal use XHTML or DTBook (a by DAISY Consortium's XML standard) to show the text. And the Amazon Kindle has been very popular today, the Kindle use the MOBI format, so if you are a Kindle user and have a lot of EPUB books, you should need this small software. And, at the best, this software is a completely free and simple.

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